Hola!! To most gringos, Cinco de Mayo is just another excuse to get drunk and fire bullets into the air.  The boys at The Drunken Noodle are no different (sans the guns -- they couldn't find any in time).  Along the way they dip into their mailbag and answer questions from some adoring female listeners. Muy caliente!

Noodles of Note:
  • If you see something floating off the coast of Mexico, it's very likely a bloated Canadian
  • Attractive women: you are always -- always! -- being watched. (You're welcome.)
  • Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with exes who want nothing to do with you
  • A college football coach just nailed your daughter. Or was it John Edwards?
  • Billy G enjoys bringing doormen to their knees
  • Please donate your used toilet seats to Jason -- he's a collector
3/8/2013 02:41:01 pm

I saw all the episode and the points you mention is absolutely right. I am looking for next episode.

4/29/2013 08:42:54 pm

Hola!! To most gringos, Cinco de Mayo is just another excuse to get drunk and fire bullets into the air.

10/2/2013 08:46:31 am

This is really what i was looking for. many thanks for the enlightening blog post and keep up the excellent work! My kind regards.

3/18/2014 05:49:57 pm

Very good. i like this song. Thank author much.


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