In honor of Billy G coming on as a permanent fixture on the podcast, we went with a Wisconsin themed show. And nothing says The Badger State better than a concoction called the Lunch Bucket.  One part beer, one part OJ, one part Amaretto, and one part throw up. Cover your teeth, gentlemen!!

Noodles of Note:
  • Statistically speaking, if you ever find yourself driving in Wisconsin, you're drunk
  • The mixed signals of a massage
  • The psychological damage of an ill-timed boner in high school
  • Underwear? Underpants! And what the hell do Fruit Roll-ups have to do with them?
  • Valentine's Day is right for fighting -- and crying.
  • There are ten people on earth who watch hockey. Jason and Bill are not two of them
3/18/2014 05:51:25 pm

This picture is a very nice. i like it.

12/13/2016 04:30:00 am

It was interesting to find out your Wisconsin themed show after effects. I guess you guys have learned lot about Wisconsin. It's true, that most of the things you have stated here are real here. I am glad you have analyzed the place pretty well.


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